Living near airport is so depressing. Seeing all those planes filled with people leaving behind this sad place…..Argh.

awesome work! what do you use to edit your photos?

Most common program: Photoshop. Or some apps on Iphone. 

You've got a talent for it, don't be so down on yourself. All great artists need time to perfect their craft :) xx you're great already, and will only get better in time

I wish I felt like I’m at least good at something. For now I’m still on my way to figure out what a creature I am. It’s so terrifying because I don’t know what lies underneath my skin. I will never be a professional photographer who lives for money from selling his works. It’s my hobby but this doesn’t change my expectations against myself in making fuckin’ great photos. :D (I’m not sure if the last sentence is in proper english :/) But thank you!

love your photos :')

Glad somebody likes them. :D Thank you.

Your work is lovely! I immediately fell in love with it.

Yay, thank you for such nice words! :)

Wherever I look I see people who are making breathtaking photos. Why can’t I be like them? It sucks to suck.

My baby girl. Why did she has to grow? ;c

<fun with film camera>

<fun with film camera>

<fun with film camera>

I'm glad you start posting photos again!

You meant „(…) posting shit again!” Yeah. ;)

Depressed and not even well dressed.